Saudi Arabia Publishes Technical Regulation on Safety of Electric Batteries

The Saudi Arabian Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) published the final text of the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Electric Batteries.

From December 21, 2019, all products that do not comply with the requirements will be removed from the market.

The Technical Regulation applies to all electric batteries and accumulators regardless of size, weight, and components. It covers two main categories:

Electric batteries for cars operating to supply power for starting and lighting of the cars

Portable batteries in the form of a button cell and it is neither car batteries nor industrial batteries and not exceeding the weight of 1 kg and used in electric equipment such as lighting, portable phones, calculators, etc.

Batteries used in military, national defense, and space equipment are excluded from the scope of the regulation.

The Technical Regulation sets out the following general requirements applicable to electric batteries:

International standards related to the placement of electric batteries on the market

Conformity assessment for ensuring compliance

Compliance with technical specifications, electrical and mechanical requirements, along with labeling and packing requirements

Provision of information to customers prior to placing products on the market, such as information on recycling and disposal

Restriction on the use of cadmium and mercury in the manufacturing of batteries.

The official document is available here.