Radio Frequency License for Radio Transmitters and Transceivers Used in Vietnam

Pursuant to Circular No. 46/2016/TT-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam, radio frequency license is required for transmitters and transceivers which are not under short-range radio group, and not exempted by Circular No. 46/2016/TT-BTTTT

Typical devices must apply for frequency licenses before using as below:

(1) Marine radar

(2) Microwave device

(3) Land mobile / fix radio

(4) MF / HF / VHF used on ships

(5) Satellite radio transmitter and transceivers

(6) Sound and television broadcasting radio transmitter and transceivers

(7) Wireless audio equipment used for sound and television broadcasting services

(8) TETRA equipment used in MRT systems

(9) High power (up to 2W ERP) RFID reader used in automatic traffic toll collection system....

Important notes:

- The 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G cellular frequencies are subject to licensing, however, the users of the smart phone (or the terminal equipment) are not subjected to apply for a license but the responsibility for the frequency license belongs to the local network carriers.

- The 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G cellular frequencies are for bidding / auction, not available to apply via normal procedure.

- SRDs that do not meet the technical conditions and operational conditions stated in Circular 46/2016/TT-BTTTT of the MIC are prohibited from import and use in Vietnam.

- For some special equipment, the frequency licensing will indicate the location of use and applicant must apply for licenses of all the locations although transmitting frequency is still same among the locations.