New Requirements for Lighting Equipment Come into Force in Canada

The Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) issued Interference-Causing Equipment Standard ICES-005, Issue 5, Lighting Equipment. The transition period has ended and now all products that are subject to this standard and continue to be manufactured, imported or sold in Canada must comply with ICES-005 Issue 5.

This ICES sets out limits and methods of measurement of radiated and conducted radio frequency emissions as well as administrative requirements for the lighting equipment of the following categories:

Luminaires (i.e. lighting fixtures) aimed at generating or distributing light intended for illumination purposes and including active or switching electronic components or gas-discharge lighting equipment

Lighting parts of multi-function equipment (e.g. pendant luminaire-fan combination)

Modules or components with circuits operating at or above 9 kHz intended for use with lighting equipment and marketed independently (such as ballast, etc.)

Ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation apparatus

Simple advertising signs (e.g. neon tube advertising signs or emergency exit signs)

Decorative and entertaining lighting (e.g. rope lights, disco lights, theater/show floodlights)

Lighting equipment used inside recreational vehicles (RV) or boats/vessels for purposes that are similar to residential applications (such as lighting equipment used in the kitchen, dining or living areas inside the RV or boat/vessel)

Transport lighting installed inside cabins of trains, buses, and vessels